“The nanomanipulator: a virtual-reality interface for a scanning tunneling microscope” by Taylor, Robinett, Chi, Brooks Jr., Wright, et al. …

  • ©Russell (Russ) M. Taylor, Warren Robinett, Vernon L. Chi, Frederick (Fred) P. Brooks Jr., William (Will) Wright, Stanley R. Williams, and Erik J. Snyder




    The nanomanipulator: a virtual-reality interface for a scanning tunneling microscope



    We present an atomic-scale teleoperation system that uses a
    head-mounted display and force-feedback manipulator arm for a
    user interface and a Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) as a
    sensor and effector. The system approximates presence at the
    atomic scale, placing the scientist on the surface, in control,
    while the experiment is happening. A scientist using the
    Nanomanipulator can view incoming STM data, feel the
    surface, and modify the surface (using voltage pulses) in real
    time. The Nanomanipulator has been used to study the effects of
    bias pulse duration on the creation of gold mounds. We intend
    to use the system to make controlled modifications to silicon


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