“The Development of a Dynamic Interactive Computer Graphics Research and Educational Support Environment” by Stocker, Johnson and McKinstry

  • ©Frederick R. Stocker, Gerald G. Johnson, and Herbert A. McKinstry




    The Development of a Dynamic Interactive Computer Graphics Research and Educational Support Environment

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    The Pennsylvania State University Computation Center is currently performing research and development in providing an effective research and training support environment which enables a user, whether researcher or student, to become familiar with an available base of graphics hardware and software support and to proceed to original programming with confidence and effectiveness.

    The main consideration is to provide an interactive programming environment in which users can become self-sufficient in coping with both hardware operation and potential as well as effective utilization of software in a reasonably short period of time. Such users should not have to be computer graphics specialists to apply a graphics system to their fields of expertise. Users should be thoroughly trained to understand and handle an available hardware/software system in order to be better able to evaluate the potential system usage directly and effectively.

    This paper, together with a film, describes an approach developed at the Computation Center and tested and implemented in three offerings of a Computer Science advanced undergraduate course.


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