“Textureshop: texture synthesis as a photograph editing tool” by Fang and Hart

  • ©Hui Fang and John C. Hart




    Textureshop: texture synthesis as a photograph editing tool



    We combine existing techniques for shape-from-shading and texture synthesis to create a new tool for texturing objects in photographs. Our approach clusters pixels with similar recovered normals into patches on which texture is synthesized. Distorting the texture based on the recovered normals creates the illusion that the texture adheres to the undulations of the photographed surface. Inconsistencies in the recovered surface are disguised by the graphcut blending of the individually textured patches. Further applications include the generation of detail on manually-shaded painting, extracting and synthesizing a displacement map from a texture swatch, and the embossed transfer of normals from one image to another, which would be difficult to create with current image processing packages.


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