“Termite: DreamWorks Procedural Environment Rigging Tool” by Michael and Somasundaram

  • ©Chris Michael and Arunachalam Somasundaram

  • ©Chris Michael and Arunachalam Somasundaram

  • ©Chris Michael and Arunachalam Somasundaram



Entry Number: 09


    Termite: DreamWorks Procedural Environment Rigging Tool



    This talk presents DreamWorks’ Termite, an environmental rigging and simulation utility used by the Character Effects Department (CFX) for rapidly creating simulation setups for environment assets without pipeline dependent complexity requirements or additional data carried by the geometry itself, such as hierarchy attributes. With minimal artist input, high quality environment effects can be achieved quickly and easily. The system was used on DreamWorks’ films How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Abominable, and Trolls World Tour.


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