“Teaching Computer Animation for Results” by Caldwell, Sullivan, Geiger and Lew

  • ©Craig Caldwell, Karen Sullivan, Kevin Geiger, and Jack Lew



Entry Number: 03


    Teaching Computer Animation for Results



    Success in animation depends on getting the priorities right: knowing what to emphasize and what to put on the back burner. The biggest dilemma we face is “what” to teach in computer animation as opposed to “how” to teach. This is exacerbated by the fact that students prefer to learn the latest 3D animation software tools, because they believe this will compensate for any lack of creative ski Is. But in reality, the computer amplifies students’ limited skills.

    This session shares examples of successful education programs at four levels: foundation (Griffith University), undergraduate (Ringling School of Art and Design), graduate (California Institute of the Arts), and industry (Electronic Arts).


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