“Teaching 3D Animation Online: The Ultimate Challenge?” by Flaxman

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    Teaching 3D Animation Online: The Ultimate Challenge?



    3D computer animation is a very challenging subject to teach and to learn because it requires a seamless blend of artistic and technical skills. In the last few years online education has made major strides in other fields, allowing thousands of students educational opportunities not previously possible. The application of this kind of technology has the potential to improve instructional quality, lower costs, increase accessibility (particularly to non-traditional students) and to provide flexibility for both faculty and students.

    To date, however, relatively few institutions have offered 3D animation courses online. This forum will explore this challenge. Our panelists will be a group of educators and professionals representing a wide variety of practices & perspectives, including some who currently teach 3D online, those teaching mostly in traditional classroom settings, and others supplementing place-based education with online elements.

    The traditional academic environment provides the student both formal and informal learning opportunities. One of the key questions for online learning is how to take advantage of its benefits, without loosing important social and cultural interactions, particularly peer to peer informal learning. The forum will provide an overview of current methods and programs, including some exiting new emerging technologies. It will then consider a set of teaching tasks, how these are currently organized in physical and social terms, and if and how each of these tasks might best be accomplished online.


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