“Synthesizing bidirectional texture functions for real-world surfaces” by Liu, Yu and Shum

  • ©Xinguo Liu, Yizhou Yu, and Heung-Yeung Shum




    Synthesizing bidirectional texture functions for real-world surfaces



    In this paper, we present a novel approach to synthetically generating bidirectional texture functions (BTFs) of real-world surfaces. Unlike a conventional two-dimensional texture, a BTF is a six-dimensional function that describes the appearance of texture as a function of illumination and viewing directions. The BTF captures the appearance change caused by visible small-scale geometric details on surfaces. From a sparse set of images under different viewing/lighting settings, our approach generates BTFs in three steps. First, it recovers approximate 3D geometry of surface details using a shape-from-shading method. Then, it generates a novel version of the geometric details that has the same statistical properties as the sample surface with a non-parametric sampling method. Finally, it employs an appearance preserving procedure to synthesize novel images for the recovered or generated geometric details under various viewing/lighting settings, which then define a BTF. Our experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach.


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