“Synthesis of detailed hand manipulations using contact sampling” by Ye and Liu

  • ©Yuting Ye and C. Karen Liu




    Synthesis of detailed hand manipulations using contact sampling



    Capturing human activities that involve both gross full-body motion and detailed hand manipulation of objects is challenging for standard motion capture systems. We introduce a new method for creating natural scenes with such human activities. The input to our method includes motions of the full-body and the objects acquired simultaneously by a standard motion capture system. Our method then automatically synthesizes detailed and physically plausible hand manipulation that can seamlessly integrate with the input motions. Instead of producing one “optimal” solution, our method presents a set of motions that exploit a wide variety of manipulation strategies. We propose a randomized sampling algorithm to search for as many as possible visually diverse solutions within the computational time budget. Our results highlight complex strategies human hands employ effortlessly and unconsciously, such as static, sliding, rolling, as well as finger gaits with discrete relocation of contact points.


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