“Synchronized Hand Difference Visualization for Piano Learning” by Liu, Wu, Liao, Nishioka, Furuya, et al. …

  • ©Ruofan Liu, Erwin Wu, Chen-Chieh Liao, Hayato Nishioka, Shinichi Furuya, and Hideki Koike



Entry Number: 04


    Synchronized Hand Difference Visualization for Piano Learning



    When learning a dexterous skill such as playing the piano, people commonly watch videos of a teacher. However, this conventional way has some downsides such as limited information to be retrieved and less intuitive instructions. We propose a virtual training system by visualizing differences between hands to provide intuitive feedback for skill acquisition. After synchronizing the data, two visual cues are proposed including a hand-overlay manner and a two-keyboards visualization. A pilot study confirm the superiority of the proposed methods over conventional video-viewing.


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