“Survey and evaluation of tone mapping operators for HDR video” by Eilertsen, Unger, Wanat and Mantiuk

  • ©Gabriel Eilertsen, Jonas Unger, Robert Wanat, and Rafal K. Mantiuk




    Survey and evaluation of tone mapping operators for HDR video



    This work presents a survey and a user evaluation of tone mapping operators (TMOs) for high dynamic range (HDR) video, i.e. TMOs that explicitly include a temporal model for processing of variations in the input HDR images in the time domain. The main motivations behind this work is that: robust tone mapping is one of the key aspects of HDR imaging [Reinhard et al. 2006]; recent developments in sensor and computing technologies have now made it possible to capture HDR-video, e.g. [Unger and Gustavson 2007; Tocci et al. 2011]; and, as shown by our survey, tone mapping for HDR video poses a set of completely new challenges compared to tone mapping for still HDR images. Furthermore, video tone mapping, though less studied, is highly important for a multitude of applications including gaming, cameras in mobile devices, adaptive display devices and movie post-processing.


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