“”Surf’s Up”: The Making of an Animated Documentary” by Schaub, Kramer, Dimian and Hausman

  • ©David Schaub, Daniel (Dan) Kramer, Danny Dimian, and Matt Hausman



Entry Number: 12


    "Surf's Up": The Making of an Animated Documentary

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    None. Familiarity with basic 3D techniques will help attendees understand some of the detailed portions of the presentation.

    Intended Audience
    Animation professionals, students, and anyone interested in 3D animated films. Those interested in the artistic and aesthetic choices made during production will particularly benefit from the first section of the course, while those with more technical and pipeline-related interests will appreciate the wave information presented in the second section.

    A detailed look at the making of the animated documentary “Surf’s Up”: the live-action camera implementation, character animation, wave effects, and rendering techniques that contributed to the film’s unique look and style.



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