“Super-Size It! Scaling Up to Massive Virtual Worlds” by Capps, McGregor, Chenney, Holmes, Schell, et al. …

  • ©Michael Capps, Don McGregor, Stephen Chenney, David Holmes, Jesse Schell, Marek Teichmann, and Thatcher Ulrich



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    Super-Size It! Scaling Up to Massive Virtual Worlds

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    Some familiarity with the course topics: collision, rendering, artificial intelligence, and networking.

    The major issues that must be managed in very complex, interactive virtual worlds with thousands of entities: interacting with large-terrain datasets; communications among many entities and users; simulation of intelligence; physical interactions among many entities; semantic interactions among many entities.

    We’re now building virtual worlds that are too large to comprehend: too many entities, commanded by too many players, filling too large a space, run across too many networks. This course describes popular approaches to ameliorating the indigestion common to these tremendously complex artificial spaces. It focuses on issues related to very-large-terrain spaces, interaction and collision among thousands of entities, scaling artificially intelligent behavior, and managing thousands of networked actors.


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