“Sponsored Featured Speaker- The Collision of Technology and Art” by Knight, Sisson, Pedersen and Chardavoine

  • ©James Knight, Dylan Sisson, Leif Pedersen, and Francois Chardavoine




    Sponsored Featured Speaker- The Collision of Technology and Art



    Pixar’s Dylan Sisson (artist, designer, and marketing head), RenderMan’s Leif Pedersen (technical marketing), AMD’s James Knight (global director, media and entertainment/visual effects), and Lucasfilm’s Francois Chardavoine (chief technology officer) will discuss how technology and art push each other to benefit great storytelling. Using examples of how some of the world’s best creatives leverage advanced computing, giving artists more time with their pixels, Dylan, Leif, and James will explore how the creative sandbox is bigger and deeper than ever before.

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