“Sponsored Featured Speaker- NVIDIA Special Address at SIGGRAPH 2022” by Huang, Lebaredian, Fidler, Yuen and Parker

  • ©Jensen Huang, Rev Lebaredian, Sanja Fidler, Simon Yuen, and Steven G. Parker




    Sponsored Featured Speaker- NVIDIA Special Address at SIGGRAPH 2022



    Computer graphics is one of the most challenging computer science problems of our time. With GPU accelerated computing, AI, and physically accurate virtual world simulation, NVIDIA continues to deliver generational leaps to advancing the field of graphics. We are now at a critical evolution — where 3D worlds are no longer just for fun and games but for solving the world’s most challenging important problems. Join NVIDIA’s CEO and senior leaders for a special address at SIGGRAPH 2022 to get a glimpse into the future of AI-infused virtual worlds that provide new frontiers for artistic expression and creativity, or perfectly replicate nature’s systems — and the research and technology that power them.

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