“Spies in Disguise: Creating a Gooey Kimura” by Hinz

  • ©Cristian Hinz

  • ©Cristian Hinz

  • ©Cristian Hinz

  • ©Cristian Hinz

  • ©Cristian Hinz



Entry Number: 14


    Spies in Disguise: Creating a Gooey Kimura



    This unique character look was inspired by the simulation tests done by the Character Simulation Department, which were so successful, they became the inspiration for the “Kimura” sequence. We will talk about the workflow we used for creating “Gooey Kimura”, how we worked together with animation, as well as how simulation was used to guide animation to achieve more fluid motion. We will also discuss the challenges we had to overcome to create an animated, yet dynamic character, which felt natural and maintained the animator’s intention while delivering a physical simulation that conveyed the essence of the character.



    We want to acknowledge the efforts of all the artists involved in developing this workflow: Jorge Cereijo-Perez, Jay Gambell, Ben Guastella and Keith Stichweh

    Additionally, all the artists that worked on the simulations for the sequence: Scott Edelman, Natalie Homewood, Danny Speck, Misha Koplan and John Kalagian.


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