“Special session on effective information presentation techniques” by Kurlansky, Marcus, Reineck, Reineck and Marcus

  • ©Mervyn Kurlansky, Susan Marcus, Gay Reineck, Jack Reineck, and Aaron Marcus




    Special session on effective information presentation techniques



    Are computer graphics displays as effective as they should be? Are they as appealing as they could be? How can displays of information acquire more impact? How can they be made more memorable. Questions like these are being asked frequently in the computer graphics community. Because of advanced display equipment, lower costs, effective communication networks, and increasingly sophisticated user groups, computer graphics is entering a new stage in its development. Visualized information will reach more people in this decade than ever before. Computer graphics displays will become centrally involved with concept formation and decision making on a mass scale. For this reason computer graphics systems should incorporate more successfully the knowledge of visual communication professionals who have developed valid, effective principles for conveying facts and concepts through typography, color, symbols, motion, photography, etc.

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