“Solid Modeling” by Requicha, Voelcker, Tilove, Sabin, Allen, et al. …

  • ©Aristides (Ari) A. G. Requicha, Herbert B. Voelcker, George Allen, Malcolm Sabin, Robert B. Tilove, and Michael Wesley



    Graduate engineers and computer scientists active in CAD/CAM research and system development, and users prepared to delve into underlying principles. A degree in engineering, physical science, mathematics, or computer science, and some programming are strongly recommended. Extensive knowledge of computer graphics is not required.


    This seminar surveys the current state of knowledge in solid modelling and its applications in CAD/CAM. About one-third of the seminar is devoted to underlying principles, high-level representations, important applications and existing systems. Another third addresses the central issues that arise in the core of solid modelling systems. The final third is devoted to user interfaces, new applications, and research issues.

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