“Software Directions For Scientific Visualization” Moderated by Gordon Bancroft

  • ©Roy A. Hall, Michael Kaplan, Al Lopez, and Alvy Ray Smith



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    Software Directions For Scientific Visualization



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    This panel focuses on the visualization needs of scientists and engineers. How are they being addressed by current trends in software? What tools are available now? How are they being used? What still needs to be provided? Key topics to be discussed are: existing and emerging standards for visualization; support for network environments and distributed applications; the role of commercial animation packages; new techniques such as volume visualization; and how one deals with the huge quantities of data involved in scientific visualizations. Other issues to be addressed are:
    • Where will new developments come from?
    • What will be required of end-users?
    • What can be expected from software providers?
    • How can research activities in computer graphics be translated into tools for scientists?
    • How can the scientific community share and coordinate ongoing developments?

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