“Skin image rendering by multi-resolution texture synthesis”

  • ©Motonori Doi and Shoji Tominaga

  • ©Motonori Doi and Shoji Tominaga




    Skin image rendering by multi-resolution texture synthesis



    Skin image rendering is important for several research areas, such as computer graphics, medical simulation, and cosmetics development. Elimination of conspicuous patterns, such as scar and mole, from skin image and attachment of the patterns to skin image are required in these areas. However, such a skin image retouch is not simple. When we crop an image piece including a conspicuous pattern from a person’s skin image and put it on another person’s skin image, it is difficult to fit its skin color and texture to the color and texture of the surrounding area. Human skin surface is not uniform but non-uniformly textured with some tissues such as blood spots, wrinkles, and fingerprint. Therefore the skin image rendering includes precise color reproduction and synthesis of the complicated tissue patterns.


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