“Sketch2Scene: sketch-based co-retrieval and co-placement of 3D models” by Xu, Chen, Fu, Sun and Hu

  • ©Kun Xu, Kang Chen, Hongbo Fu, Wei-Lun Sun, and Shi-Min Hu




    Sketch2Scene: sketch-based co-retrieval and co-placement of 3D models

Session/Category Title:   Structures, Faces & Building




    This work presents Sketch2Scene, a framework that automatically turns a freehand sketch drawing inferring multiple scene objects to semantically valid, well arranged scenes of 3D models. Unlike the existing works on sketch-based search and composition of 3D models, which typically process individual sketched objects one by one, our technique performs co-retrieval and co-placement of 3D relevant models by jointly processing the sketched objects. This is enabled by summarizing functional and spatial relationships among models in a large collection of 3D scenes as structural groups. Our technique greatly reduces the amount of user intervention needed for sketch-based modeling of 3D scenes and fits well into the traditional production pipeline involving concept design followed by 3D modeling. A pilot study indicates that it is promising to use our technique as an alternative but more efficient tool of standard 3D modeling for 3D scene construction.


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