“Sketch-Based Modeling with the BlobTree”

  • ©Ryan Schmidt, Brian Wyvill, and Mario Costa Sousa

  • ©Ryan Schmidt, Brian Wyvill, and Mario Costa Sousa




    Sketch-Based Modeling with the BlobTree



    Sketch-based modeling provides an intuitive and expressive inter- face for 3D model creation. With the Teddy [Igarashi et al. 1999] system, complex free-form 3D models could be quickly produced using a gesture interface. However, the topological modeling operations implemented in Teddy were limited by the underlying shape representation (triangle meshes). Related systems based on variational implicit surfaces [Araujo and Jorge. 2003] produce smoother ́ results but cannot support complex models. We are exploring the use of hierarchical implicit models (Blob- Trees [Wyvill et al. 1999]) for free-form sketch modeling. a key property of BlobTrees is that the scalar fields defining the under- lying primitives have finite support, and hence local influence on the model. This local influence preserves a “principle of least surprise” that is critical for interactive modeling. We have developed a spatial caching technique [Schmidt et al. 2005] that supports interactive construction of complex BlobTree models, allowing us to experiment with a sketch modeling tool that uses a BlobTree as the underlying shape representation.


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