“‘Shrek’: The Story Behind the Screen” by Falk, Sande, Adamson, Bielenberg, Bruder, et al. …

  • ©Rachel Falk, Linda Rae Sande, Andrew Adamson, Ken Bielenberg, George Bruder, Juan Buhler, James Hegedus, Arnauld Lamorlette, Lucia Modesto, Scott Singer, Scott Peterson, Vanitha Rangaraju, Rob Vogt, and Mark Wendell


    Basic understanding of the principles of computer graphics and animation. 

    From “Antz” to “Shrek”. What is design? Generic character variations. The use of simulation in a computer-generated feature production. “Shrek” effects and lighting. CG infrastructure. CG movie making. Staying innovative. 

    Creating a computer-generated feature-length movie requires an idea, the ability to visually develop the idea, and the tenacity to perform the arduous task of producing it. This course offers both an overall and a technical perspective on the PDI/DreamWorks movie-making process with a focus on some of the key areas in production of “Shrek”: art direction, character development, simulation, effects, lighting, and digital storytelling. 


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