“(A)I Feel” by Panichprecha, Junma and Chamveha

  • ©Kiattiyot Panichprecha, Witaya Junma, and Isarun Chamveha




    (A)I Feel



    Is it possible for machines to feel emotions? As we know for now, machines have no emotion. But if we humans teach them, will they be able to learn? (A)I FEEL is a project dedicated to find answers to our questions by creating a teaching & learning process between humans and a machine. To teach the machine, it asks each user to draw a picture which represents a specific emotion. Then, to demonstrate what the machine has learned, users can draw pictures to portray his/her emotion at the moment. Using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), the machine will interpret user’s emotion into joy, sadness, anger, fear or disgust and colors the picture according to the emotion. The whole process will be visualized as an interactive installation which encourages people to participate in the project.

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