“Shader compositing on “Stealth””

  • ©Chris Harvey, Esdras Varagnolo, Hanzhi Tang, and Ryan Vance




    Shader compositing on “Stealth”



    For the Columbia Pictures feature film “Stealth” we were presented with the challenge of creating over 700 shots containing computer generated stealth fighters. Because of these requirements the Stealth lighting pipeline needed to facilitate fast turnaround on shots. This was further complicated by the fact that we not only had to reflect photographic plates but also fully computer generated sky and landscapes. Thus, to minimize render iterations and make lighting a fast and fluid experience for the lighters, we looked to a compositing-based approach to our lighting pipeline. Based on our experience with the compositing driven pipeline of “I, Robot” we believed that a similar system would allow the lighters to adjust the lighting in near real-time instead of waiting for test renders. Thus shader compositing was born.

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