“Self-Intersection-aware Deformation Transfer for Garment Simulation Meshes” by Maejima, Ozawa, Anjyo, Yotsukura and Tagawa

  • ©Akinobu Maejima, Akihiro Ozawa, Ken-ichi (Ken) Anjyo, Tatsuo Yotsukura, and Takehiro Tagawa



Entry Number: 47


    Self-Intersection-aware Deformation Transfer for Garment Simulation Meshes



    Deformation Transfer is a well-known technique which copies deformations between two meshes to re-use animation. One drawback of existing methods is that they can introduce self-intersections on the resulting mesh, even when there is no self-intersections on the source mesh. We propose a novel deformation transfer technique that suppresses self-intersections on the resulting target mesh, called Self-Intersection-aware Deformation Transfer (SIDT). We demonstrate that SIDT helps to produce simulation friendly mesh for garment simulation.


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