“Screen Postscript” Moderated by Charles Geschke

  • ©Mark Callow, James Gosling, Leo Hourvitz, and Scott McGregor



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    Screen Postscript



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    One of the most exciting and controversial areas in display graphics today is the use of Postscript for screen display and window systems. Postscript is an interpretive programming language with powerful, resolution-independent graphics capabilities. Postscript played a key role in bringing about the desktop publishing revolution and is now a de facto standard for laser printers. In the words of Arthur C. Clarke, “Postscript is the future of words on paper.” Recently several products have brought Postscript to the screen. These range from basic Postscript output display to an entire window system based on Postscript. Printing and screen display can now be driven from a common format. This panel brings together pioneers and leading developers of Postscript screen technology from Sun Microsystems, Adobe Systems, Digital Equipment Corporation, Silicon Graphics and NeXT. The panelists contrast their different design approaches, discuss ‘real-world’ applications and speculate on future directions.

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