“School to Industry: Preparing for Change” by Goldman, Berridge, Lainas and Tichenor

  • ©Glenn Goldman, Greg Berridge, Roula Lainas, and James Tichenor




    School to Industry: Preparing for Change



    Panelists from various industry sub-segments involved with computer graphics and interactive techniques discuss what students must do, and can do, to prepare themselves for opportunities in industry, including how pandemic-induced changes in the recruiting process have and have not affected school to industry transitions. Components of the recruiting process such as demo reels have been submitted remotely as part of the digitally-mediated hiring process before the advent of COVID-19. But other aspects of hiring and recruiting have changed. Also, there are alternative paths to industry that students can follow or map out for themselves with unique combinations leading to innovative careers.Individual representatives talk both generally, and specifically (as examples) about their own companies. What entry-level applicants should and could have and do (as well as should not have and not do) will be discussed. Also included are suggestions for educators to help prepare students for changing scenarios.Industry segments represented include animation, special/visual effects, and interactive/experience design. Discussion includes preparation, training, and attributes students need to enter the workforce.Panelists will describe changes in the transition from school to work due to the current global pandemic and speculate on what changes may become permanent or absorbed into new standard processes. Questions considered include how schools can help students transition to industry, and what students can do on their own to be pro-active in obtaining requisite credentials.


    The panel is offered under the auspices of the SIGGRAPH Education Committee (Ginger Alford, Chair and Andrew Duchowski, Education Liaison). Panelists participate at the courtesy of the Facebook (Tichenor), Sony Pictures Imageworks (Berridge), Zoic Studios (Lainas), and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (Goldman).


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