“Roundshot Pipeline at MPC for Godzilla”

  • ©Daniel Vasquez and Kirk Chantraine



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    Roundshot Pipeline at MPC for Godzilla



    For Godzilla, we were tasked with capturing and recreating many on-set locations. Roundshots are panoramic images captured on set for use in compositing, lighting and environments.
    Accurate incorporation and interpretation of the captured images for use in film is essential to maintain the visual and spatial information as well as to better accommodate creative direction. Several new processes were required to update MPC’s pipeline to accommodate a large amount of data with a dynamic workflow. With such a broad array of images, a combination of automation and stakeholder visibility were needed to use them effectively.


    To Sophie Marfleet, Gabor Hovanyi, Dugan Chen, Jared Auty, Gordon Farell and Eric Qiu for their contribution to this project.


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