“Rendering with Radiance: A Practical Tool for Global Illumination” by Larson, Ehrlich, Mardaljevic and Shakespeare

  • ©Gregory Ward Larson, Charles Ehrlich, John Mardaljevic, and Robert A. Shakespeare



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    Rendering with Radiance: A Practical Tool for Global Illumination

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    Recognition of the importance of global illumination and basic knowledge or interest in lighting visualization. General awareness of rendering concepts, such as ray-tracing, radiosity, procedural textures, image filtering, and tone-mapping, also beneficial.

    Topics Covered
    Light source modeling, daylight sim-ulation, results analysis, validation, and ray-tracing techniques for global illumination.

    Essential information for artists, designers, and researchers interested in creating realistic images with the Radiance System. It has been used for virtual sculpture, theatrical backdrop rendering, and validating a computer vision system for the space shuttle. It is also used as a testbed for advanced global illumination land-rendering algorithms. Four experts demonstratd their work and provided tips for using the software to solve practical problems. Examples were taken from lighting analysis, theater lighting, and daylighting design. The author of Radiance described the underlying principles that make this ray-tracing software unique.

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