“Rendering the World of Mirror’s EdgeTM”

  • ©Daniel Johansson, Arne Schober, and Jan Schmid

  • ©Daniel Johansson, Arne Schober, and Jan Schmid



Entry Number: 68


    Rendering the World of Mirror’s EdgeTM



    Mirror’s Edge (working title) is a reboot of the iconic DICE game from 2008. Using the Frostbite™ game engine (used in Battlefield 4™, Dragon Age™: Inquisition and Battlefield™ Hardline), we are creating a totally new and unique gaming experience on a proven technology platform.

    To create the look and feel of the futuristic cityscapes, that build up the fabric of the game world, we have developed several new systems for rendering large, diverse and photorealistic environments in real time on consumer gaming hardware. This presentation contains some of the work in a wide range of different rendering technologies that we have developed to make the artistic vision of Faith’s story a reality. The intended audience is someone who is familiar with computer games production, rendering technology and tight deadlines. The work presented is still in progress and subject to change before the game is released.


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