“Rendering Techniques of Final Fantasy XV”

  • ©Sharif Elcott, Kay Chang, Masayoshi Miyamoto, and Napaporn Metaaphanon



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    Rendering Techniques of Final Fantasy XV



    We present the core graphics technologies used to render and light the world of Final Fantasy XV. The latest iteration of the franchise displays a seamless environment more dynamic than ever before, with special features such as dynamic weather, time of day, and procedural sky and clouds. We first describe the hybrid global illumination system based on both dynamic and static elements that is used to handle reflection and bounced light from the different light sources in the game, then move on to explain how the engine procedurally renders sky and clouds and how these dynamic components are intertwined with both the lighting pipeline and the weather system. During the presentation, details on implementation and optimization will be given.


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    This work is the fruit of the collaboration between the R&D engineers of Square Enix’s Advanced Technology Division and the 2 nd Business Division. Special thanks to B. Yeoh, C. Haaser, I. Gavrenkov, S. Wilcoxen, C. Ying-I, P. Martishevsky, R. Driancourt and Y. Tokuyoshi for their participation to this work.


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