“Regular meshes from polygonal patterns”

  • ©Amir Vaxman, Christian Müller, and Ofir Weber




    Regular meshes from polygonal patterns

Session/Category Title: Meshing




    We present a framework for designing shapes from diverse combinatorial patterns, where the vertex 1-rings and the faces are as rotationally symmetric as possible, and define such meshes as regular. Our algorithm computes the geometry that brings out the symmetries encoded in the combinatorics. We then allow designers and artists to envision and realize original meshes with great aesthetic qualities. Our method is general and applicable to meshes of arbitrary topology and connectivity, from triangle meshes to general polygonal meshes. The designer controls the result by manipulating and constraining vertex positions. We offer a novel characterization of regularity, using quaternionic ratios of mesh edges, and optimize meshes to be as regular as possible according to this characterization. Finally, we provide a mathematical analysis of these regular meshes, and show how they relate to concepts like the discrete Willmore energy and connectivity shapes.


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