“reFrame: An Alternate Paradigm for Augmented Reality” by Rahmani

  • ©Mohammad M. H. Rahmani

  • ©Mohammad M. H. Rahmani

  • ©Mohammad M. H. Rahmani



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    reFrame: An Alternate Paradigm for Augmented Reality



    “reFrame” is an optically see-through Augmented Reality (AR) platform capable of displaying parallax-free images superimposed over physical objects and the scenery behind it. It uses head-tracking technology and off-axis perspective projection to simulate the motion parallax perspective of a virtual 3D scene in relation to a user’s position in space. This perspective corrected scene is then rendered on an optically see-through display, practically turning into a parallax-free and scalable general-purpose Heads Up Display (HUD). reFrame combines established and affordable technologies to offer an extremely accessible alternative to available mixed-reality systems, as well as a medium to explore the practical and creative possibilities of spatial augmented reality. It provides an opportunity to focus on subject-centered and attention-based embodied interaction paradigms that are less explored in other forms of Mixed Reality (MR). This paper is offered as a proof of concept and a starting point for further research and conversation.


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