“Real-time transformations in the order: 1886”

  • ©Sean Weronko and Scot Andreason

  • ©Sean Weronko and Scot Andreason

  • ©Sean Weronko and Scot Andreason



Entry Number: 07


    Real-time transformations in the order: 1886



    We set out to achieve a standardized way of transforming between two full-body characters of dissimilar proportions. The intention was to share a limited set of rig designs across multiple characters to maximize use and cut down on authoring time. The creation of a full-body rig as opposed to discreet setups per scenario gave us flexibility when developing new scenes, but increased the initial setup time as all features would be required for each rig regardless of their use. Some additional work was required after animations were finalized to simulate cloth and animate materials.


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