“Real-time facial animation with image-based dynamic avatars” by Cao, Wu, Weng, Shao and Zhou

  • ©Chen Cao, Hongzhi Wu, Yanlin Weng, Tianjia Shao, and Kun Zhou




    Real-time facial animation with image-based dynamic avatars

Session/Category Title:   FACES & PORTRAITS




    We present a novel image-based representation for dynamic 3D avatars, which allows effective handling of various hairstyles and headwear, and can generate expressive facial animations with fine-scale details in real-time. We develop algorithms for creating an image-based avatar from a set of sparsely captured images of a user, using an off-the-shelf web camera at home. An optimization method is proposed to construct a topologically consistent morphable model that approximates the dynamic hair geometry in the captured images. We also design a real-time algorithm for synthesizing novel views of an image-based avatar, so that the avatar follows the facial motions of an arbitrary actor. Compelling results from our pipeline are demonstrated on a variety of cases.


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