“Real-time cloth simulation interacting with deforming high-resolution models” by Harada and Koshizuka

  • ©Takahiro Harada and Seiichi Koshizuka




    Real-time cloth simulation interacting with deforming high-resolution models



    A distance function is useful for collision detection because it not only provides the collision \ condition but also gives us the distance to the object[A.Fuhrmann et al. 2003]. However, the \ computation of a distance function is not a trivial task for real-time simulation, especially for large models. In this poster, we present a novel method of real-time simulation for cloth-object interaction, in which the distance function with deforming high-resolution polygon models are used. The number of polygons has little effect to the computational time in our method. It is simple and robust because it does not make any topological limitation for the polygon model. Moreover, the accuracy and computational time is controllable in our method. For time integration, an explicit scheme is employed, so and it often leads to numerical instability. To overcome this instability, a sub-time step algorithm is introduced to the simulation.


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