“Raytracers and Workflow: A Production Perspective” by Andrewartha, Ragsdale and Beilby

  • ©Jesse Andrewartha, Soren Ragsdale, and Paul Beilby



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    Raytracers and Workflow: A Production Perspective

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    Basic familiarity with raytracers and GI, physically based shaders, and production rendering.

    Intended Audience
    Professionals in CG animation and VFX who are interested in improving raytracing and GI workflows.

    Raytracers are playing an ever-more-important role in production rendering. The advantages in implementation, realism, and consistency make it no surprise that many production studios are moving to the use of pure raytracing and GI. With this shift, many well-established strategies and even rendering philosophies have changed. This course presents a production-oriented perspective of how practices, pipeline, tools, and artistic approaches are evolving with this shift in rendering technologies.

    The course begins with a brief overview of the fundamental changes from the REYES paradigm to a raytracing toolset, before the speakers share their experiences of implementing and working with raytracing pipelines in production. They discuss how it has affected artists, supervisors, and studio-client collaboration, then review the challenges and successes.



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