“Ramifications of Integrating Computing into the Creative Process in the Arts” Moderated by Joan R. Truckenbrod

  • ©Darcy Gerbarg, Cynthia Goodman, and Rus Gant



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    Ramifications of Integrating Computing into the Creative Process in the Arts



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    New directions in artistic expression are emerging as artists integrate computing systems into the creative process. Artists working with computer- related devices probe the nature of this electronic medium and its relationship to the creative process. However, the ramifications of pursuing creative work in this context raises significant issues for the artist.
    What impact does this technology have on the artist, the creative process and the final artwork? Does the computing environment function like a template that predisposes the creative process and the nature of the artwork? Does the computer act as a catalyst, stimulating creative thought? How will the artwork be effected by the nature of computing and the various input, processing and output devices?
    As we pursue new directions in artistic expression, it is essential to address these issues in order to develop an in-depth understanding of the “context of computing” and its effect on creative expression.

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