“QuickETC2: How to Finish ETC2 Compression within 1 ms” by Nah

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  • ©Jae-Ho Nah

  • ©Jae-Ho Nah

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    QuickETC2: How to Finish ETC2 Compression within 1 ms



    With increasing graphics quality and screen resolution, the total size of textures in an app has reached up to dozens of gigabytes. It results in very long texture-compression time during software development. Additionally, some scenarios, such as compressing image data for real-time 3D reconstruction [Meerits 2018], com- pressing on-the-fly generated textures in GIS tools [Krajcevski and Manocha 2014], resizing textures during app loading [Nah et al. 2018], improving memory utilization in web browsers [Oom 2016], and in-home streaming to mobile devices [Pohl et al. 2015], need real-time texture compression. As a result, the necessity of fast texture compression algorithms has increased.


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