“Projectors for Graphics” by Raskar, Majumder, Lensch and Bimber

  • ©Aditi Majumder and Hendrik P. A. Lensch



Entry Number: 25


    Projectors for Graphics



    This course is appropriate for beginners in digital art and media. No programming or specific mathematical background is required. General knowledge of basic computer graphics techniques and 3D tools is helpful but not necessary.   

    Modern digital projectors are a central part of large-format displays, non-intrusive augmented reality systems and computational illumination for 3D image-based modeling. High speed and high framerate projectors also support intriguing applications in optical communication. With a pocketsize form factor, projectors will be widely used for mobile applications. We survey this rapidly evolving landscape and the growing interest in experimenting with projectors. A novel class of applications is emerging, involving illumination+capture of complex 3D shapes as well as dynamic interaction via projection on movable surfaces. We provide a detailed survey of the several approaches for combining real-time computer graphics and computer vision methods for single and multi-projector systems. We cover topics in immersive rendering, projective geometry, reflectance field capture and spatial augmented reality. In addition, we will give practical insights, implementation details and case-studies for a variety of applications in research, art and industry.  


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