“Projective Dynamics with Dry Frictional Contact” by Ly, Jouve, Boissieux and Bertails

  • ©Mickaël Ly, Jean Jouve, Laurence Boissieux, and Florence Bertails-Descoubes




    Projective Dynamics with Dry Frictional Contact

Session/Category Title: Contact and Collisions



    Projective dynamics was introduced a few years ago as a fast method to yield an approximate yet stable solution to the dynamics of nodal systems subject to stiff internal forces. Previous attempts to include contact forces in that framework considered adding a quadratic penalty energy to the global system, which however broke the simple – constant matrix – structure of the global linear equation, while failing to treat contact in an implicit manner. In this paper we propose a simple yet effective method to integrate in a unified and semi-implicit way contact as well as dry frictional forces into the nested architecture of Projective dynamics. Assuming that contacts apply to nodes only, the key is to split the global matrix into a diagonal and a positive matrix, and use this splitting in the local step so as to make a good prediction of frictional contact forces at next iteration. Each frictional contact force is refined independently in the local step, while the original efficient structure of the global step is left unchanged. We apply our algorithm to cloth simulation and show that contact and dry friction can be captured at a reasonable precision within a few iterations only, hence one order of magnitude faster compared to global implicit contact solvers of the literature.

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