“Project Gustav: immersive digital painting” by Baxter, Chu and Govindaraju

  • ©William Baxter, Nelson S.H. Chu, and Naga Govindaraju




    Project Gustav: immersive digital painting



    Project Gustav is a digital painting system that enables artists to become immersed in the digital painting experience. It achieves interactivity and realism by leveraging the GPU to implement our novel art media modeling and brush simulation algorithms. Compared with current digital painting packages, there are two main advances over state-of-the-art. The first is a highly efficient, data-driven 3D deformable brush simulation [Baxter and Govindaraju 2010]. The second is paint modeling algorithms for oil and pastel that preserve stroke details as paints are smeared and mixed [Chu et al. 2010]. Together these allow digital painting in a manner much closer to the real-world experience. This not only makes it possible to paint digitally with very little training but also respects the skills artists have acquired in real life. We further combine our painting simulation with the latest touch and pen input technology to make Project Gustav even more enjoyable to use. Together, these features provide a responsive and realistic digital painting experience never before attained.


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