“Processing for Visual Artists and Designers” by Glassner

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    Processing for Visual Artists and Designers

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    Processing is a free language designed for artists, designers, musicians, educators, students, and anyone else who wants to create expressive, meaningful images, animations, and interactive graphics. Unlike most programming languages, it has been designed from the ground up for creating modern visual works appropriate for print, the web, and installations. With Processing, even people who are new to computers can create rich, exciting graphics that can be used in applications as diverse as interactive demonstrations, personally expressive art, interactive educational environments, gaming, procedural art, text manipulation, and animation.

    Using Processing to create graphics and animations is intellectually and emotionally rewarding. Even beginners can create imagery that’s wildly complex or serenely simple and elegant. It can move as though alive, or change in only the most subtle ways. Computers give us a whole new world of tools and media for communicating and expressing ourselves. When your intellectual programming mind and your intuitive image-making mind are purring together in harmony, the process is pure joy and the results are often beautiful. Best of all, Processing is free!

    This course introduces the basic ideas of modern programming, but it does not focus on abstract theory. Every idea is illustrated, and Processing’s value in making pictures and animations is made clear. The course provides all the tools, from context to motivation, required to continue the learning adventure and become a Processing master.  

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