“Procedural System Assisted Authoring of Open-World Content for Marvel’s Spider-Man”

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  • ©David Santiago

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    Procedural System Assisted Authoring of Open-World Content for Marvel’s Spider-Man



    Crimes and vignettes are placed throughout the game city space using procedural systems to find appropriate locations. Editing of roads or buildings necessitates re-authoring the placement of dynamic encounters in that area of the environment. In many cases the dynamic encounters may have already undergone “final” manual adjustment to the space. To accommodate iterations on city layout, we add three main improvements to our procedural systems: preserve hand-authored work if it continues to meet specifications; place encounter components with higher fidelity; and provide the artists and designers guidance for crimes and vignettes needing more attention.


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    The author wishes to thank Marvel Games, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Insomniac Games for their support.


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