“Pop.eye: a pop-out video camera system for personal use” by Mihara, Harashima, Numazaki and Doi

  • ©Isao Mihara, Takahiro Harashima, Shunichi Numazaki, and Miwako Doi



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    Pop.eye: a pop-out video camera system for personal use

Session/Category Title:   3D Scanning



    A new video camera system, Pop.eye, is able to capture a realtime 3D video based on color image and reflection image. The current prototype system (Figure 1) can capture 160×120 sized images at a rate of 25 frames per second. The captured image of a stuffed toy is viewed as the “Pop-out” image frame shown in Figure 2-left. The “Pop-out” shape is constructed from the captured reflection image. Furthermore, this system is able to output an enhanced “Pop-out” movie that extracts only the target object from background by using depth-key (Figure 2-right).


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