“PiedPiper: a media to create a new site of pilgrimage in town” by Hamada, Hashimoto, Okude and Furuoka

  • ©Tetsuya Hamada, Satoru Hashimoto, Naohito Okude, and Yumi Furuoka




    PiedPiper: a media to create a new site of pilgrimage in town



    PiedPiper is a media to create a new route of pilgrimage according to the users’ interests in the town by storing and sharing the information of commemorative moments in real world locations. It creates a ”Quest” to relive some appealing experiences, which the user encountered by a mere accident, by leaving a directive or an advice as a message to succeeding members. This media will support the user to see undiscovered aspect of the town you always go by on your way to the office or school, and expand your territories in the area. It can also enlarge your interests by sharing the information of the locale with others practicing in the same town.


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