“Pieces of the Past, Maya Treasure Hunt A Virtual Reality Game Experience” by Huang

  • ©Jiawei Huang

  • ©Jiawei Huang



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    Pieces of the Past, Maya Treasure Hunt A Virtual Reality Game Experience



    We present an educational virtual reality (VR) puzzle game set in an archaeological context. We digitally documented the site architecture and a selection of excavated artefact using structure from motion (SfM) mapping, reconstructed the site during Classic Period (AD 250-900) based on the current state and archaeological findings, and created the natural environment using procedural modeling. With this collection of resources, we created a holistic landscape of the Mayan site of Cahal Pech. The player can link the Mayan ruin between its current state and the past through collecting artefact and evidence, and discover the architectural beauty and historical richness of this site.


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    I want to thank my advisor Alexander Klippel for starting and directing this project, and our archaeologist collaborators Claire Ebert and Jaime Awe.


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