“Pictan: interacting through free-hand images” by Yoshimura, Aoki, Sumaki and Okude

  • ©Mari Yoshimura, Keigo Aoki, Kazuya Sumaki, and Nohito Okude




    Pictan: interacting through free-hand images



    Pictan is a digital device which allows users to communicate purely with free-hand images. Hand-drawn images are very rich as a medium. Needless to say, a hand-writing of a person shows not only textual information but also his or her personality, and graphics can carry even more. Unfortunately, a large portion of the expressions evaporate in digital mediums, where quantification of analog data has been the main concept heretofore.


    1. Yoshimura, M. Aoki, K. Sumaki, K. Okude, N. “Pictan; Online Medium for Hand Write/Drawing Interaction, Using the Rules of Turns and Physical Layers” in proceedings of Interaction 2005, 79

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