“Physics-Based Sound Synthesis for Graphics and Interactive Systems” by O’Brien and Pai

  • ©Dinesh K. Pai


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    Physics-Based Sound Synthesis for Graphics and Interactive Systems

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    Familiarity with concepts of audio sampling and quantization. Some familiarity with the nature of time (waveform) and frequency (spectrum) domains. The course reviews the theory used to convert from time to frequency domains and the basic physics used to derive simulations.

    Representations and human perception of sound. Sound sources: spectral, modal, physical, pseudo-physical, and wavelet models. Lumped, 1D, 2D, 3D and statistical sound-source simulation. Modeling interactions with sound-producing objects. Modeling sonic background textures.

    Concepts, models, techniques, and systems for physics-based parametric digital simulation of real-world sounds. Emphasis on providing well-founded methods and techniques for dealing with sound using parametric computational models, rather than processing and playing back pre-recorded PCM sounds.

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