“Performance capture from sparse multi-view video” by de Aguiar, Stoll, Theobalt, Ahmed, Seidel, et al. …

  • ©Edilson de Aguiar, Carsten Stoll, Christian Theobalt, Naveed Ahmed, Hans-Peter Seidel, and Sebastian Thrun




    Performance capture from sparse multi-view video



    This paper proposes a new marker-less approach to capturing human performances from multi-view video. Our algorithm can jointly reconstruct spatio-temporally coherent geometry, motion and textural surface appearance of actors that perform complex and rapid moves. Furthermore, since our algorithm is purely meshbased and makes as few as possible prior assumptions about the type of subject being tracked, it can even capture performances of people wearing wide apparel, such as a dancer wearing a skirt. To serve this purpose our method efficiently and effectively combines the power of surface- and volume-based shape deformation techniques with a new mesh-based analysis-through-synthesis framework. This framework extracts motion constraints from video and makes the laser-scan of the tracked subject mimic the recorded performance. Also small-scale time-varying shape detail is recovered by applying model-guided multi-view stereo to refine the model surface. Our method delivers captured performance data at high level of detail, is highly versatile, and is applicable to many complex types of scenes that could not be handled by alternative marker-based or marker-free recording techniques.


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